“My child’s handwriting is so sloppy…”

“He’s so smart yet his grades are bad…”

“His handwriting is glaringly worse than his classmates…”

“He used to love school…”

"The harder we work on it, the worse it gets..."

“I feel guilty because maybe it’s something he can’t control…”

What parents are saying about our handwriting program:

"We watched him truly blossom during his sessions and his confidence grew. Every time we left he had a smile on his face and he felt proud of his accomplishments of that week and that positive attitude spilled over into home, school and even into sports. The difference this program has made in our lives is immeasurable."

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How to tell if messy handwriting is a real problem:

A few simple steps to determine if your child's messy handwriting problem will cure itself, or if waiting will only making it worse.