Summer Handwriting Camp

Children that develop strong handwriting skills early in their educational career have a distinct advantage in the classroom. Since 2003, Scribble 2 Script’s Summer Camps have helped kids Pre-K to 5th grade develop better handwriting and gain more confidence all while having FUN!

to Summer FUN!

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Class size is limited to 4 students per class.
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Give Your Child the Skills They Need to Succeed

Skilled Instruction

  • Specialized instruction by certified teachers
  • Individual attention with our low 4:1 student teacher ratio
  • Curriculum developed by Occupational Therapist and Founder of Scribble 2 Script

*Camps are designed for the grade your child will be entering in the fall

Registration Fee

Fine Motor Fun Camps: Pre-K & Kindergarten (4-6 years)
1-hour in length
4-students per class

Handwriting Camps: 1st-5th Grade Camps
2.5 hours in length
4-students per class

Class size is limited to 4-students per class.
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Typical Camp Day

Fine Motor Fun Camp: Pre-K to Kindergarten

This Fine Motor Fun camp focuses on building the foundational fine motor, visual motor and visual spatial skills needed to master handwriting and develop a proper pencil grip. These foundational skills are essential for confident, legible handwriting. Your child will engage in a variety of fun, themed activities that will enhance their skills each day as they come to the “Hand Gym”! This is the perfect camp to give your child a jump start for handwriting success.

Handwriting Camps: 1st-5th Grade

Handwriting Instruction:

At Scribble 2 Script, visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners will all benefit from our signature multi-sensory teaching strategies. Our “Secrets 2 Success” will give your child specific tools for improving legibility. Unique, effective and proven teaching methods will help to engage your child as they work on proper letter formation, starting point, sizing, sitting on the line, spacing and stroke. Students will love practicing their letters in a variety of fun ways including using squiggle pens, instant snow, color changing markers, black light writers and more! With only 4 students in each class, the Handwriting Therapist can provide closely supervised practice to insure that students are using proper grip and forming the letters correctly.

Fine Motor Development:

Poor handwriting is often a symptom of fine motor skill development challenges. During “Hand Gym” time, our Handwriting Therapist will facilitate development of the hand skills needed for successful manipulation of the pencil and pencil grip. Students will love the fun and challenging activities that build strength and in-hand manipulation skills without realizing they are working.

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Parents Agree. Scribble 2 Script Summer Camp is Great!

  • “You provided an alternate method to handwriting in an overwhelmingly FUN environment that produced immediate and measurable results. We saw amazing improvements in a very short time.” - DeAnne C.
  • “This course was recommended by my children’s pre-school teacher. It was one of the best recommendations that I have received for my children’s education.” - Annette R.

One on OnePrivate instruction is also available in the summer through ourhandwriting program .