Does Your Child Find the Writing Process Tricky?

We help children in grades 1-6 sharpen their creative writing and communication skills through our Skills 2 Write program.

Why Do Parents Contact Us For Help?

There are many signs and symptoms parents need to be aware of when it comes to writing.

Here are the most common reasons parents bring their children to Scribble 2 Script for creative writing help:

  • Short choppy sentences & doesn't write enough
  • Poor sentence structure
  • Don’t like to write
  • Puts short answers down when you know they have more to say
  • Rushes to get their writing done
  • Doesn’t take time to erase mistakes
  • Poor vocabulary (example: using the word "like" a lot)
  • Don't communicate clearly & rambling
  • Not taking time to re-read and edit

About Skills 2 Write

Somewhere between tackling math problems and reading for meaning, kids are expected to write a LOT. They have to write narratives, letters, book reports, informative papers, 3-5 paragraph essays, Power Point presentations and persuasive papers.

With all of the writing kids do, many struggle to come up with words to put on paper. Learning to write can be incredibly rewarding but it can also be painstaking and frustrating.

Writing is a process and the ability to write does not develop naturally. To become good writers children need explicit instruction.

When children are taught the craft of proficient writing, they gain unbelievable power, not only as writers, but also as thinkers, learners and readers.

During the 8 week writing unit, writers will learn how to:

  • Generate ideas to write about
  • Express their thoughts into words
  • Plan out a focused, small moment story
  • Add details to make the story more exciting
  • Bring characters to life
  • Use craft moves that famous authors use
  • Use a strong beginning and a powerful story ending
  • Revise and edit story
  • Illustrate and publish a personal narrative

Class will end with a celebration of each child’s published work!

Limited to 4 students per class

Skills 2 Write Alumni Perks

  • Writing Reflects Their Intelligence

    Instead of short sentences, your child will communicate with full answers which demonstrates their depth of knowledge to the teacher.

  • Independent

    Once your child is able to communicate their points to their teacher in a written form, they become less dependent on the teacher to hold their hand through the writing process.

  • Writing Skills for Life

    These foundational skills will help your child write professional emails, proposals, reports, essays and presentations in the future. Being a good writer will help them for life!

  • Self Editing for Clarity

    Once they have written out their thoughts, we also teach them how to develop their re-reading, editing and revision skills so they can communicate with clarity.

Creative Writing Program Sign-Up

Do you have questions? Or want to sign-up for our Creative Writing program? Submit your contact information along with your questions or comments and we'll follow up with you promptly.

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