Does your child have messy handwriting?

We help children ages 4 and up sharpen their handwriting legibility through fine and visual motor skill development along with our signature multi-sensory teaching strategy.

Signs and Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms parents need to be aware of when it comes to poor handwriting. Here are the most common reasons parents bring their children to Scribble 2 Script:

School-Age Children:

  • Messy handwriting
  • Struggles with proper letter formation, size and/or spacing
  • Doesn’t like to write
  • Puts short answers down when you know they have more to say
  • Rushes to get done with work
  • Doesn’t take time to erase mistakes
  • Mixes upper and lowercase letters
  • Frequent letter and/or number reversals
  • Holds pencil incorrectly
  • Complains of hand being tired or hurting when writing
  • Has to redo written work often

Pre-Kindergarten-Age Children:

  • Difficulty with letter formation
  • Doesn’t like to color or draw
  • Struggles with scissor skills
  • Mixes upper and lowercase letters
  • Has not established a clear left or right hand dominance

Messy Handwriting Is The Symptom

The true underlying issue behind poor penmanship is weak fine motor skills. Our team works with your child to refine proper pencil grip and write with speed and legibility at the same time.

Learn 15 skills needed for handwriting.

Before and After Taking Scribble 2 Script's Program

Seeing the results tells the story of how our handwriting program can help your child. Click on the before and after images to see Olivia's writing sample before and after taking the Scribble 2 Script program

Click on the image for a detailed view.

Scribble 2 Script Alumni Perks

  • No More Homework Battles

    Homework will start taking less time without the resistance.

  • Good Grades

    Teachers love legible handwriting! It’s easy to read and easy to grade. Studies show that having legible handwriting leads to better grades.

  • Fast and Focused

    A solid foundation of fine motor and handwriting skills allows the hand to write quickly and accurately making it easy to get work done.

  • Neat Handwriting

    Your child will start writing sentences and paragraphs that you can actually read!

  • Confident

    Confidence leads to more confidence. Once a child sees that they are capable of legible writing they are proud of their work and are willing to do more!

  • Independent

    Legible writing eliminates the need to redo work which often times requires a lot of supervision.

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