Poor Handwriting is the Symptom

There are many signs and symptoms parents need to be aware of when it comes to poor handwriting.

Here are the most common reasons parents bring their children to Scribble 2 Script:

School-Age Children:

  • messy handwriting
  • struggles with proper letter formation, size and/or spacing
  • doesn’t like to write
  • puts short answers down when you know they have more to say
  • rushes to get done with work
  • doesn’t take time to erase mistakes

Pre-Kindergarten-Age Children:

  • difficulty with letter formation
  • doesn’t like to color or draw
  • struggles with scissor skills
  • mixes upper and lowercase letters
  • has not established a clear left or right hand dominance

If your child has one or more of these symptoms help is close by.

Call 480-614-1232 or email megan@scribble2script.com to help your child achieve the classroom success you know they are capable of.

What Parents Are Saying

"We watched him truly blossom during his sessions and his confidence grew.

Every time we left he had a smile on his face and he felt proud of his accomplishments of that week and that positive attitude spilled over into home, school and even into sports.

The difference this program has made in our lives is immeasurable."

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How Our Program Works

Determine if your child's messy handwriting problem will cure itself, or if waiting will only making it worse.

STEP 1: One-On-One evaluation with an Occupational Therapist to identify your child’s specific handwriting challenges.

STEP 2: A customized plan of action is developed to resolve challenges discovered in the evaluation.

STEP 3: Private instruction restores your child’s confidence and classroom success.

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