Handwriting Helps With Brain Development


As a parent, we often take for granted that our child’s development is so closely tied to the workings of the brain. As most parents are aware, wellness checks with your family doctor encompass an overall review of your child’s physical, emotional and behavioral development. Developmental milestones are used as benchmarks for doctors and parents […]

ADD Misdiagnosis Linked to Vision Disorder

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Children With Eye Problems May Be Misdiagnosed With ADD Rare is the parent who is not familiar with the term ADHD. If your child has not been diagnosed with ADHD, you are likely to be acquainted with someone who has. A wide variety of resources and information are readily available via the internet. As a […]

Academic Development and the Merit of Cursive Writing

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Every child enters their school years equipped with the capacity to learn. Every teacher sets out to engage the full potential of every child’s capacity to learn. The school curriculum provides the framework for which the teacher and student will endeavour to learn the curriculum objectives and standards. Literacy being a core objective is considered […]

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD


Distinguishing between what is “normal” child behavior and that which is indicative of ADHD can be a tricky and disheartening process. As a child enters his or her school years it is normal to encounter a spectrum of emotions and behaviors. As parents, we can often find ourselves over scrutinizing our child’s emotional landscape and […]

Treatment for Kids with Messy Penmanship (Dysgraphia)

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If a child is experiencing trouble writing, then they could have dysgraphia. An awkward grip, sloppy penmanship and letter spacing problems are common signs of this learning disability. Children with dysgraphia may also have another condition like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. What is Dysgraphia? Dysgraphia is a disorder that affects a child’s writing skills. […]

Beyond Handwriting: Learn How to Write a Story From Idea to Publication

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How To Help Your Child Choose A Topic To Write About

Writing A Story With Your Child

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Megan Eldridge shares her insights on how to help your child write a story. Next Video: How To Help Your Choose A Topic To Write About

5 Gift Ideas To Enhance Fine Motor And Perceptual Skills

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Put those video games on pause and your computers to sleep this Holiday Season and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun. Board games are a great way for families to get together, compete, laugh and have fun all while sneaking in valuable skill building time for the kids. There are so many great classics […]

How To Hold A Pencil Correctly


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Every time we left he had a smile on his face and he felt proud of his accomplishments of that week and that positive attitude spilled over into home, school and even into sports.

The difference this program has made in our lives is immeasurable."

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Determine if your child's messy handwriting problem will cure itself, or if waiting will only making it worse.

STEP 1: One-On-One evaluation with an Occupational Therapist to identify your child’s specific handwriting challenges.

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STEP 3: Private instruction restores your child’s confidence and classroom success.

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