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Parent Testimonials About How Their Kid’s Handwriting Has Improved

Received October 31, 2014


Hi Jen,

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Bianca’s progress since she has been coming to Scribble to Script.  You and her handwriting therapists have been so kind, helpful and insightful, and opened our eyes up to so many possibilities for Bianca.  I know she is much improved and this process has helped her own self-knowledge and self-confidence.  We have seen such improvement this school year in her confidence and focus, and her beautiful handwriting (her teachers are complimenting her handwriting and focus too!  yea!)  Her time at Scribble to Script will serve her well for years to come!

Thank you!
Nikki Territo



Received April 1, 2014



Thank you so very much for helping Cooper with his writing skills, but also for giving him the confidence to write and hold a pencil.  Just this morning, he couldn’t wait to get to school to finish coloring his dinosaur picture-that’s a first!

Best wishes to you and to the Scribble 2 Script Team.  Have a great summer!

Tawnya and Jason


Received October 1, 2013


I know this thank you is a delayed in coming, but better late than never, right? I think so and I would feel ungrateful if I never expressed my appreciation along to you for all that you did to help Andrew.

I was skeptical in the beginning wondering if the program would really work. But you knew all the right things to do to help him improve his handwriting. The difference in the before and after is amazing. You are so good at what you do!

I also want to say thanks for being patient with me and my skepticism along the way. Thanks for making it fun for Andrew. He loved seeing you each week because you made it fun and he felt like you really cared about him. Your praise helped him believe in himself.

The long and short of it is we want to say thank you for being one of the angels in Andrew’s life. We appreciate wonderful you!



Received October 1, 2013

imageDear Megan and Jen,

Jack, Ryan and myself wanted to write to you to thank you for all you have done for Jack. he was recently testing in school to see his reading level and we are so proud to say he is above grade level. From last year being below to now above we can’t help but think that your vision therapy has played a huge part in getting his eyes on track. Included is the reading assessment the school sent home.

Thanks again-

Ryan, Jen and Jack

imageHi all,

Nexi had an amazing thing happen, and I wanted to share it with all the people that helped make it possible.

Nexi was taking notes in class, while her teacher was talking and writing on the board. Evidently there was some complaining from kids that they couldn’t keep up. (according to Nexi)

Nexi told me she was so excited because she COULD keep up!

Not only that. She also realized she could continue to write complete phrases, while looking at the board and listening, and not looking at her paper! And…..it came easily to her! No more one letter at a time for her.

I know this may seem obvious for her grade and age, but you all know how hard it was for her, before working with Jen, for Vision Therapy.

This is HUGE for her, and she is so happy!

Thank you to all of you for your support and help during Nexi’ 4th grade year.

We know this year is going to continue to be full of new discoveries, as Mrs. Penoyer is already doing an amazing job continueing that suppot!


Rick and Mary Anderson

Email: March 21, 2013

imageHi Megan,
Thank you very much for the brownies that you sent Chayo and me. They were delicious 🙂 You are so thoughtful, Megan. Thank you.

Megan, Chayo and I are so pleased with the changes we are seeing in [our student’s] work. Her “paper work” is beautiful. In fact, yesterday she did such beautiful work that Ms. Chayo showed it to the whole class and made a point of telling [her mom] about the wonderful job she did on her cutting and coloring exercise. It went home with a “reward certificate”!

[Our student] is so confident in her “writing” ability and she is so pleased and proud of herself too. Her fine-motor skills have improved greatly. She cuts, traces and colors with ease! And because she is no longer frustrated when having to use these skills, she comes into class ready to work and participate. Chayo and I are thrilled with the changes we have seen in [our student]!

You and your team do such great work. [Her mom] tells us often how happy she is that [her daughter] is at Scribble 2 Script.

Thanks again for the yummy brownies!
Cheryl Johnson

Email from March 8, 2013:

imageThank you, Megan.

I think I was surprised too, I thought he would still have to work on his spatial relations, but he really grew there too. Thank you for all your help and support. Ms. Jen, thank you for training Ryan’s eyes and knowing just the way to motivate Ryan. Ryan is soooo proud of himself. He was just telling me today that we can just “visit now.”

We will miss seeing you guys every week, but I’m sure we will visit or have some follow up handwriting classes.

We celebrated at Gelato Spot last night! Thank you both for everything!!!! You have made such a big impact towards a brighter future for Ryan.

With much appreciation,

Wendy, Marc and Ryan

January 11, 2013

imageHi Megan!

I have been meaning to email you for a couple of things…

First, after their first sessions last week, the boys were absolutely THRILLED! They loved the ladies they worked with, and the activities. The comment they made is that it is almost as fun as karate (just so you know that’s a huge compliment 😉 ). They did have one negative comment, well not so much a negative as an improvement for you to make. They said the session was too short and should be longer! Can you believe that!?!? LOL!! Again – a huge (round-about) compliment!!!

So, thank you for making something that could be tortuous into something extremely enjoyable for my boys!!

Thanks so much!
Have a great day!!

Mrs. Marcy Christner
Gifted Specialist
Mercury Mine Elementary School

November 2, 2012

imageDear Megan,

We can’t thank you and your team enough for everything that you have done for Tristan! He will continue to benefit from this therapy for the rest of his life. Everyone is more than professional – they really CARE about their clients and they show such enthusiasm for their improvement! We have felt “valued” to be a customer and always felt encouraged that we would do better the next week when we were distracted or diverted from doing our part of the therapy exercises at home. We have truly enjoyed our experience with Scribble2Script and we will continue to recommend your services to others that might benefit.

Renee Dirkmat

June 2, 2012

imageDear Megan, Jen, and Nikki,

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for Jake. The three of you made this a pleasant experience for him and you achieved remarkable results. Truly he is a student who is on his way to becoming an independent and life-long learner.

Daily school homework was struggle, to say the least, for the both of us. It was difficult for him to keep his concentration and anything that had to do with writing would practically cause a tantrum. Frankly, as a parent I could not imagine how this child was going to progress to the upper grades without me sitting daily with him and coaxing him to get the homework done. After about 7 weeks of working with Scribble to Script I noticed a significant change. Jake began to start his homework by himself and worked on it alone. Remarkably, as I checked his work he was doing a very good job. His teacher also began to notice not only great improvement in his writing, but also in his confidence and the pride taken in his work. Homework was no longer a dreaded chore for either of us. I was amazed at how quickly this transformation came about.

I am thankful that you suggested that we visit Dr. Stephen Cohen. His warm and friendly manner put Jake at ease. His contribution to these results was invaluable. Jake was excited each time we visited him to find out the progress that he had made.

I am so thankful that we have worked with Scribble to Script. Jake’s handwriting has improved dramatically. More importantly his confidence and attitude towards learning has transformed him into a hard-working and eager-to-learn student.

Thank you again for your patience, persistence, and expertise.


Kathy Hiland

June 6, 2012

imageWhen we first came to Scribble 2 Script my husband and I were in a state of desperation to try to find help for our daughter who has multiple diagnoses for disabilities. We had been told by a medical professional that our daughter would not be able to write and we were overwhelmed thinking about the consequences for her.

After evaluation by Megan Eldridge and Dr. Cohen I was again feeling dismayed by the test results that indicated so many areas of deficit for our daughter. I was assured by Megan and Dr. Cohen that she would respond well to therapy and not to worry. So we began handwriting and vision therapy trying to believe in the professionals whose experience was telling them we would have success, but still feeling guarded in our expectations.

During the months we participated in therapy at Scribble 2 Script I began to see real, measurable improvement in our daughter’s ability to write and participate in lessons at school.

After 9 months of therapy we had achieved our goal of functional vision and beautiful handwriting for our daughter. I have referred several other parents to Scribble 2 Script because I have complete faith in their program.

Our daughter’s teachers were AMAZED at her progress and now are CONFIDENT of her academic success. The staff at Scribble 2 Script are wonderful to work with because Megan sets high standards of professionalism and compassion in her therapists. All of the activities are child friendly and are always results based. We are SO grateful that we found Scribble 2 Script!



Jennifer DeMente

June 8, 2012 (email)


I was just right now cleaning out Rachael’s school folders and I ran across some of her papers. Without thinking I started reading some and then realized that I CAN READ HER PAPERS! I almost burst into tears as I thought about it.

Thank you again for this small miracle.


imageDear Ms. Nikki,

Thank you for your help. I now have nice cursive. If it wasn’t for you my handwriting would of been horrible for ever. Thank you for never giving up on me. You are the BEST.”

Love, Spencer

-“Spencer sat and wrote this with no help from anyone! I didn’t even have to give him word suggestions. He truly wrote this from the heart. Thank you for helping him gain the much needed self confidence. I am truly grateful to you and Megan for loving my son and helping him see his true potential.” Love, Elizabeth McClellan

image“My son visited Megan once a week to improve his handwriting. During our time together, she greatly improved all aspects of his fine motor skills. His confidence soared and he always had fun during their sessions. Megan is friendly, approachable and a real asset in this community. I highly recommend her to any family looking for support in this area.”

-Lara Cole

image“We sought Megan’s expertise because our daughter’s handwriting was noticeably different than other students in her class and the lack of neatness in her written schoolwork was beginning to affect her grades. With the first phone call to Megan we knew we had found the right expert to help. Megan’s willingness to listen and truly understand our concerns, combined with her in-depth knowledge and experience put us at ease and gave us confidence that this was something our daughter could overcome.

“The initial assessment helped us realize the many factors that affect handwriting and pinpointed the areas where our daughter needed help. As our daughter began the program Megan developed for her, we had high hopes but reasonable expectations. After a few short weeks, the results had exceeded even our highest hopes. They were truly remarkable. At the end of the program, Megan showed us a side-by-side comparison of our daughter’s writing before and after the program. It was hard to believe they were written by the same child, let alone just a few months apart. The improvement was astonishing.

“Today, our daughter has some of the best penmanship in her class and her teachers and fellow students have noticed. Her writing has gone from being a problem to being a source of pride. Working with Megan has given our daughter more than just good penmanship, it has given her confidence and boosted her self-esteem.”

-Wendy Sherwood

image“Before we found Scribble2Script, William’s frustration with schoolwork, and school in general, had reached an all time high. Nothing we tried at home helped and our family had become very discouraged – it seemed the more we practiced and tried to “fix” his handwriting, the worse things got.

“After our first visit with Megan, she uncovered and explained the reasons behind his handwriting trouble and we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Megan’s demeanor with William was warm and encouraging – she has a way with students that really brings out their best. We watched him truly blossom during his sessions and his confidence grew. Every time we left he had a smile on his face and he felt proud of his accomplishments of that week and that positive attitude spilled over into home, school and even into sports. The difference this program has made in our lives is immeasurable.”

-Sarah Kleck

image“When my daughter was referred to Megan Eldridge, she was not only having trouble with legible handwriting but she also had difficulties and became fatigued when writing for long periods of time. Megan worked with us to not only improve Katie’s handwriting but to resolve the cause of the issue – her muscle strength and control and a vision issue that we were able to address with glasses. Thank you, Megan!”

-Beth Call

image“Not only did our daughter’s handwriting improve immensely with Scribble to Script but it was such a wonderful learning experience for her. Megan has a terrific teaching style–she is very patient and encouraging. She is able to make the handwriting process fun–to the point that our daughter looked forward to class every week and happily did her homework!

Megan has lots of great techniques and she has an effective reward system that helps children review and self-correct their work. She raised the bar on our daughter every week but she also pointed our her progress so each step seemed very doable. I can’t recommend Megan highly enough!”

-Gina Palmisano

image“What a special group of people you are and an incredible gift you offer.

“It was only this year I had the opportunity to watch my son Zackary as he completed his homework assignments. As I did so, I realized his handwriting was not just atrocious, but his approach was incorrect. Upon a Google search I lucked upon you.

“During our first meeting you worked with Zack, analyzed his writing and had me try to write using his same hand posture. I found it not only difficult to print my name, I couldn’t begin to write in script. I now understood why my son would hem and haw at the idea of “writing” an assignment.

“Zack has now finished his course and his progress flabbergasted me. When he first showed me an example of someone’s handwriting, I thought it a model for him to work toward. Instead I was told it was created by his own hand.

“The last letter he learned allowed him to sign his name. He now does so proudly. With changes in curriculum content, this was something I thought he might never do, or at least not do well. I now look forward to having my younger son attend the same program. How lucky we all are that someone is available to help our children progress in the way they deserve!”

– Lisa Altman

image“Megan and her team of dedicated and wonderful teachers have made such a difference in my 8 year old son’s life. He is finally proud of his writing & beams when he shows me his schoolwork now. His skills have improved so much that he clearly has the confidence that he didn’t have 6 months ago. I truly believe this is going to make his academic future so much brighter.

And it wasn’t just about the handwriting… All the teachers got to know my son on such a personal level that we are now so sad we have to leave. Thank you Scribble to Script!!!”

~Alison Rose

image“Scribble to Script has given my son the ability and confidence to move into fourth grade with clear, legible handwriting that he can be proud of.

Megan and her staff helped Tyler with his cursive handwriting with great ideas that he could relate to, a firm, structured lesson plan and rewards at the end that he really wanted to work hard for. I will continue to tell friends about Scribble to Script and its benefits!”

– Cindy Simpson




What Parents Are Saying

"We watched him truly blossom during his sessions and his confidence grew.

Every time we left he had a smile on his face and he felt proud of his accomplishments of that week and that positive attitude spilled over into home, school and even into sports.

The difference this program has made in our lives is immeasurable."

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